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A. Any Applicant who finances some or all of the cost of a Public Improvement available to provide service or benefit to property other than property owned by that person may, by written application filed with the City Engineer, request the City establish a Reimbursement District. The improvement(s) must be in a size greater than that which would otherwise ordinarily be required and must be available to provide service to property other than that owned by the applicant. Examples include (but are not limited to):

1. Full street improvements instead of half street improvements;

2. Off-site sidewalks;

3. Connection of street sections for continuity;

4. Extension of water lines; and

5. Extension of sewer lines.

B. All applications shall include the following:

1. A description of the location, type, size and cost of the Public Improvement eligible for reimbursement;

2. A map showing the properties to be included in a proposed reimbursement district;

3. The zoning for the properties;

4. The front or square footage of said properties (or similar data appropriate for calculating the apportionment of the cost of the improvement among the properties); and

5. A listing of the property(ies) owned by applicant.

All applications shall be accompanied by a fee in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of administrative review and notice required by this Chapter as established by City Council resolution.

C. In the event an application is submitted after the construction of the Public Improvement, the application shall also include information as to when the City accepted the Public Improvement as well as the actual cost of the improvements, evidenced by receipts, invoices or other similar documents. Until receipt of said information, the affected application will be deemed incomplete.

D. In the event an application is submitted prior to the construction of the improvements, the application shall be accompanied by an estimate of the cost of the improvements as evidenced by bids, projections, or similar data. The application shall also include the estimated date of completion of the public improvement(s). Until the receipt of said information, the affected application will be deemed incomplete.

E. An application may be submitted at any time prior to the installation of the Public Improvement but in no event later than 180 days after acceptance of the improvement for which reimbursement is sought, unless the City Engineer, in his/her sole discretion waives this requirement. (Ord. 3042, added, 12/21/2010)