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The following procedure shall be used in considering changes in street names:

A. A person who desires a street name change shall submit a written request together with the application fee to the engineering division of the public works department. The request shall state the reasons for the proposed name change and shall include a scale diagram of the street.

B. Any proposed name change must meet the requirements of AMC 13.24.010.

C. The public works department shall consider the request and may schedule a public hearing before the City council. If a hearing is scheduled:

1. Notice of the public hearing shall be mailed to the owners of property fronting the street and the fire, police and community development departments.

2. The scope of the hearing shall be limited to the change of the street name.

3. No recommendation for a name change shall be made unless the council finds that a public need for the change exists, confusion will be eliminated, or it is desirable for the convenience of the general public. The council shall have complete legislative discretion to change the name of any street in the City.

D. Street name changes shall be made by resolution. (Ord. 2819 §§ 2, 3, amended, 1998)