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A. Whenever the ownership of any portion of a tract of real property less than the entire tract is or has been transferred through partition or otherwise, any lien against said real property in favor of the City shall, upon request of the owner, mortgagee or lien holder of any portion of the tract, be apportioned as provided in this section and not otherwise; provided, that such transfer is in accordance with ORS 92.010 to 92.190, the Ashland Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Ordinance.

B. Applications for the apportionment of liens shall be made to the City recorder and shall be accompanied by a fee established by resolution of the council. The application shall describe the tract to be partitioned and the names of the owners of the respective tracts resulting from the partition. The County Assessor shall furnish to the applicant a certificate showing the assessed valuation of the tract prior to partition as of July 1 of the year in which the apportionment is requested, if available; or if not available, as of July 1 of the preceding year.

C. The City recorder shall compute an apportionment of the lien against the real property upon the same basis as the same was originally computed and apportioned. No apportionment shall be made unless all parts of the original tract of land, taken together, after the apportionment will have a true cash value as determined from the certificate of the assessor of at least the amount of the lien as to the various tracts concerned.

D. Apportionment of a final assessment resulting from a partition under this section shall be done in accordance with a resolution of the council. The resolution shall describe each parcel of real property affected by the apportionment, the amount of the final assessment levied against each parcel, the owner of each parcel and such additional information as is required to keep a permanent and complete record of the final assessments and payments. A copy of the resolution shall be delivered to the City recorder for filing in the City lien docket.

E. No apportionment may be made under this section unless the deed, mortgage or other instrument evidencing the applicant’s interest in the parcel has been recorded by the County Clerk, or, if the same has not been filed, the applicant files a true copy with the City recorder.