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A. Within ten days after the effective date of the resolution levying the assessments, the City recorder shall send by first class mail to the owner of the assessed property, a notice of assessment. The notice shall contain the following information:

1. The date of the resolution levying the assessment, the name of the owner of the property assessed, the amount of the assessment, and a description of the property assessed;

2. A statement that the owner may file an application to pay the assessment in installments, as provided in this chapter; and

3. A statement that the entire amount of the assessment, less any part for which application to pay in installments is made is due within 20 days of the date of the letter and, if unpaid on that date, will accrue interest and subject the property to foreclosure.

B. Supplementary notices of assessment, in form and content to be determined by the City recorder, may also be published or posted by the City recorder.

C. Failure to receive any notice of assessment shall not invalidate the proceedings nor affect the validity of the assessment.