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A. Procedure for Assessment. When the estimated cost of an authorized local improvement has been ascertained on the basis of the award of a contract or the departmental cost of the City or other governmental agency to undertake the improvement, the City recorder, or such other person as the council may direct, shall prepare the proposed assessments to the respective lots within the local improvement district, shall file them in the office of the City recorder, and shall submit the proposed assessments to the council. The submission may be in the form of a proposed resolution.

B. Determination of Assessment. The council shall determine the amount of the estimated assessment to be charged against each lot within the local improvement district according to the special and peculiar benefits accruing to the lot from the improvement, and shall spread the estimated assessments accordingly. If the estimated cost, as ascertained under the preceding paragraph, is more than ten percent above any estimated total assessment for the project the council may vote to discontinue the project or to find other sources of funds so that the actual assessment does not exceed the estimated assessment by more than ten percent. In determining and spreading the assessment, the council may use any just and reasonable method consistent with the benefits derived by the various affected lots. If any actual assessment to be levied on an individual lot exceeds the original estimated assessment by more than ten percent, the council shall review such increase at the public hearing described in section 13.20.060.E.

C. Adoption of Proposed Assessment. Upon receiving the proposed assessment, the council shall, after making any modifications, adopt a resolution directing that notice of the proposed assessments be mailed or personally delivered to the owners of the lots to be assessed. The notice shall contain the following information:

1. The name of the owner, a description of the property to be assessed, and the amount to be assessed against the property.

2. A date and time by which written objections to the proposed assessment, stating specifically the grounds for objection, must be received, and the date, place and time of a hearing at which the council will consider any objections.

3. A statement that the assessment will be levied by the council after the hearing, will be charged against the property, and will be immediately payable in full or in installments (if applicable) following the levy.

D. Supplementary Notice. Supplementary notice of the proposed assessment and of the hearing scheduled to consider the proposed assessment in form and content to be determined by the City recorder may also be published or posted by the City recorder.

E. Hearing Regarding Proposed Assessments. The council shall hold a public hearing on the date and time set in the notice to consider those objections filed in writing with respect to the proposed assessments. The council may adopt, correct, modify or revise the proposed assessments and shall determine the amount of the assessment to be charged against each lot within the local improvement district according to the special and peculiar benefits accruing to it from the improvements, and shall by resolution levy and spread the assessments and cause that notice of the assessments be delivered to all of the owners of property within the local improvement district. (Ord. 2731, amended, 1994)