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A. Mandatory Provisions. The improvement resolution shall contain the following:

1. A description of the improvement;

2. A description or map of the boundaries of the local improvement district to be assessed;

3. A declaration of the council’s intention to undertake the improvement;

4. Provision for a date, time and place for a hearing regarding the improvement; and

5. A direction that notice be given of the improvement and of the public hearing.

6. The amount of the estimated cost of the improvement made by the City engineer and a proposed allocation of the cost of the improvement among the owners of the property to be specially benefited;

B. Optional Provisions. The improvement resolution may include the following:

1. A determination whether the property benefited shall bear all or any portion of the cost of the local improvement, based upon the estimated cost;

2. Alternative proposals relating to the local improvement, but only if each alternative contains all of the information required to be contained in the resolution if that alternative proposal were the only proposal put forward; and

3. Any other information that the council deems relevant to the improvement. (Ord. 2976, added, 01/06/2009)