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If the City Engineer is satisfied that the excavation, cut, or tunnel is feasible and proper, that the application has been made in due form, and that adequate security has been filed, as required by the provisions of this chapter, a permit shall be issued which shall designate the name and address of the person to whom the permit is granted; the date of the issuance of the permit; the street or streets to be cut or tunneled under; the nature of the street surface or pavement involved; the purpose of the work; the size and nature of the cut or excavation; the estimated cost of restoration; the nature and amount of security deposited; the time within which the work is to be completed, as determined by the City Engineer; and such other restrictions or requirements as may be deemed necessary or proper by the City Engineer for the safety of the public and the protection of public interests. (Ord. 1700 § 4, amended, 1971)