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A. Before the issuance of any permit, the City Engineer shall require the applicant to file with the City as security either:

1. A surety bond in an amount fixed by the City Engineer, but not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00), conditioned that the applicant will, immediately upon the completion of the work, remove all surplus earth, rubbish, or other material, replace the pavement cut or undermined in a condition as good as or better than it was before, and keep the same in good repair, at the applicant’s own expense, for a period of time to be designated by the City Engineer, but not to exceed two years from the completion of said work;

2. Cash or certified checks in an amount equal to twice the estimated replacement value of the pavement to be cut, together with the cost of re-excavation and refilling with proper material, if necessary, as determined by the City Engineer, to be held and returned subject to the same conditions as set forth above in the case of surety bonds; and

3. A blanket surety bond to cover all street cuts made by any particular applicant for a period of one year in an amount to be fixed by the City Engineer, but not to exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), and subject to the same conditions as stated above with the reference to bonds for particular street cuts.

B. Provided, however, that the City Engineer may waive the requirements of this section if, in the opinion of the City Engineer, such security is not necessary for the protection of the public interest. (Ord. 1700 § 3, amended, 1971)