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In addition to all other applicable criteria, standards and requirements in AMC 13.02 and 13.03, the following special regulations for publication boxes are imposed.

A. Unless otherwise designate on the Downtown Sidewalk Usage Map, any publication box placed in whole or partially within the right-of-way shall be located in groupings with a linear dimension of no greater than twelve feet. Publication boxes shall be placed immediately abutting other publication boxes within the approved grouping location. A publication box grouping shall be placed a minimum of 200 feet from the closest existing grouping on the same side of the street. All publication boxes shall be 24 inches off the curb face to minimize conflicts between vehicle doors opening into the sidewalk.

B. Unless otherwise designated in the Resolution establishing standards for functional items, no individual publication box shall exceed five feet in height, thirty inches in width or two feet in thickness unless specifically approved by the Public Works Director for publication boxes that serve multiple publications/vendors/distributors.

C. Publication boxes shall contain a system to prevent contents from spilling out of the container such as clasping door systems, spring loaded auto closing doors, etc.

D. Each publication box shall be designed, installed and maintained to protect the contents from weather related hazards such as wind, rain, snow, etc

E. Each publication box shall display only its contents in a clear glass or plastic window.

F. In the event a publication box remains empty of its contents and unused by its owner for a period of more than 30 consecutive days, the publication box shall be deemed abandoned and is subject suspension or revocation or summary abatement as outlined herein. (Ord. 2990, added, 11/01/2009)