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A. The Public Works Director may deny, revoke, or suspend the permit upon finding that any provision of this chapter or condition of approval has been violated. The permit or agreement shall be suspended if the rental rate is not fully paid within three working days of the due date or if the Permittee fails to maintain required insurance. The permit or agreement shall be suspended if the Permittee fails to strictly abide by the boundaries of the sidewalk permit area.

B. The Public Works Director shall give notice of denial, revocation, or suspension to the applicant or Permittee in writing stating the action which has been taken and the reason therefore. The action shall be effective immediately for a denial and upon the expiration of the appeal period [10 days] for a suspension or revocation. Appeals shall be processed as provided in AMC 2.30. If an appeal of a suspension or revocation is properly filed, the suspension or revocation shall be stayed until resolution of the appeal. Upon hearing the matter, the City Administrator shall render a final written decision. This remedy is not exclusive; the City may also cite violations to Court, (including daily fines) in addition to the remedy set forth above. (Ord. 2990, added, 11/01/2009)