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A. Application for an annual permit or agreement to occupy or encroach on sidewalk for the limited purposes authorized herein shall be made at the Public Works Department on an approved application form together with the required fees and charges. The application for permit or agreement shall minimally contain:

1. A completed application form, signed by the abutting property owner and occupant; and,

2. A submittal in full of the rental rate equal to the annual (12 month) rental rate for the square footage of the adjacent sidewalk permit area requested; and,

3. A scale diagram of the sidewalk permit area, with dimensions and the location and description of all structures, materials and activities shown; and

4. An executed standard form release, hold harmless, and Indemnity agreement, as well as certificates of insurance and endorsement form.

5. Other information shall be provided as required by the Public Works Director to carry out the purpose of this chapter.

The Public Works Director shall forward all applications for review to the Fire Marshall, Building Official and the Director of the Community Development Department. Reviewing Departments shall provide input as to conflicts with City codes, including but not limited to Building, Fire and Land Use Codes. If the proposed use is not in compliance with zoning and land use regulations and approvals the use shall be denied. (Ord. 2990, added, 11/01/2009)