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The purpose and intent of this chapter is to protect and promote a safe environment within the public rights-of way of the City of Ashland, specifically on City sidewalks. The purpose of this chapter is to recognize a special public need for sidewalk dining as it relates to economic development and tourism in Ashland. Similarly, this chapter recognizes the special public need for City sponsored special commercial sales events to promote tourism and economic development. Finally, this chapter recognizes the special public need for publication boxes to guarantee the free exchange of information. Notwithstanding this public need, the placement of objects on the public right-of-way requires adequate regulation to ensure its primary purposes, which include:

Uninhibited pedestrian access on sidewalks

Access entering and exiting vehicles parked in the right-of-way

Maintenance of utilities within the right-of-way

Emergency service access to persons both within the right-of-way

and on private property

It is also the intent of this chapter to recognize the importance of the aesthetic quality of the public rights-of-way by providing minimum standards to maintain a positive visual streetscape for the City of Ashland that promotes the enjoyable use of the right-of-way for all of its intended and legal purposes. This is achieved through the following:

Materials and Construction Standards

Maintenance and Safety Standards

Placement, Clearance and Spacing Requirements

Procedures for Abatement / Removal

Penalties (Ord. 2990, added, 11/01/2009)