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Upon revocation, the permittee or any successor permittee shall, at the permittee’s own expense, remove the permitted encroachment within thirty (30) days after written notice has been provided by the City unless a shorter period is specified in the notice of revocation.

If the permittee does not remove the encroachment and return the right-of-way, public easement or public property area to a condition satisfactory to the Public Works Director, the City shall do so and the permittee shall be personally liable to the City for any and all costs of returning the right-of-way, public utility easement or public property to a satisfactory condition, including the removal of structures and reconstruction of streets and/or pathways. If the permittee fails to pay the City for the costs incurred after the City bills permittee, the costs shall be imposed as a lien upon the property. Payment of such costs shall not prevent the City from pursuing any other remedy available at law or pursuing any other penalty. (Ord. 3040, added, 11/16/2010)