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For the purpose of this chapter, the following mean:

A. Encroach. The act of a private individual extending from their abutting private property into a public right-of-way, public easement or public property.

B. Encroachment. Area in a public right-of-way, public easement or public property that is being encroached upon by a private individual.

C. Encroachment Permit. A revocable permit granted by the Public Works Director to allow permittee to encroach upon a public right-of-way, public easement or public property where compliance with this chapter can be demonstrated.

D. Person. Individual, corporation, association, firm, partnership, joint stock company, and similar entities.

E. Public Easement. An easement granted to the City for a public purpose, including, but not limited to the purpose of installing or maintaining public or private utility infrastructure for the provision of water, power, heat or telecommunications to the public.

F. Public Property. Real property owned by the City and open to the public for public use.

G. Public rights-of-way. Include, but are not limited to, streets, roads, highways, bridges, alleys, sidewalks, trails, paths, public easements, and all other public ways or areas, including subsurface and air space over these areas.

H. Public Works Director. The City Public Works Director or his/her authorized designee.

I. Within the City: Territory over which the City now has or acquires jurisdiction for the exercise of its powers. (Ord. 3040, amended, 11/16/2010)