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A. Where Riding Permitted. Riding or operating a skateboard is permitted in the following areas:

1. 25 Mph Streets. Streets where the designated speed for vehicles is 25 miles per hour or less unless prohibited in section 11.54.020.B.

2. Private Property Where Consent Private property where the owner or person in charge has consented

3. Areas Defined Within City Parks. In city parks, or a designated area within a city park, specifically approved by the Ashland Park Commission for skateboard use.

4. Sidewalks. On city sidewalks unless otherwise prohibited by this ordinance.

B. Where Riding Prohibited. No person shall ride or operate a skateboard in the following areas:

1. Streets or Sidewalks in the Downtown Area. Sidewalks or streets in the downtown area described in this subsection as delineated on the attached map marked Exhibit A. The downtown area is described as that area included within and inclusive of the following described boundaries:

a. The north boundary shall be Lithia Way including sidewalks on both sides to the intersections of Water Street and Fourth Street and including the public parking lot and adjoining sidewalk at the corner of Pioneer Street and Lithia Way;

b. The west boundary shall be Water Street from the Lithia Way overpass to North Main Street then North Main Street to its intersections with Church Street and including sidewalks on both sides of Water Street and North Main Street, then south along Ashland Creek from the North Main Street Bridge including the park area between the creek and Granite Street but no sidewalks on Granite Street, to Winburn Way, then Winburn Way and its sidewalks through Lithia Park.

c. The south boundary shall be the northern sidewalk of Hargadine Street to the intersections of Pioneer Street and Gresham Street and shall include the western sidewalk of Pioneer Street north from its intersection with Hargadine Street.

d. The east boundary shall be Third Street including the sidewalks on both sides to the intersections of Lithia Way and Hargadine Street.

2. City Parks Within any city park including streets within the boundaries of a park unless the park, or a designated area within a park, has been specifically approved by the Ashland Park Commission for skateboard use.

3. Certain Streets. On any street where the designated speed is greater than 25 miles per hour.

4. Private Property Unless Consent. On private property. It is an affirmative defense to a prosecution on any charge under this subsection that the property owner or person in charge of the property consented to such use of the property.

5. Other Property Which is Posted. On any other public or private property where signs on the property indicate that skateboard use is prohibited.