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A. No procession or parade, except a funeral procession or military parade, shall occupy, march, or proceed along a street except in accordance with a permit issued by the Chief of Police and approved by the City Manager. The permit may be granted where it is found that such parade is not to be held for any unlawful purpose and will not in any manner tend to a breach of the peace, unreasonably interfere with the peace and quiet of the inhabitants of the City, or cause damage to or unreasonably interfere with the public use of the streets.

B. Any person who violates any provision of this Chapter is subject to Section 1.08.020 of the Ashland Municipal Code. Violation of this section is a Class III violation. If a violation is deemed to have interfered with emergency services from responding to a call, the violation is a Class I violation. (Ord. 3192, amended, 11/17/2020; Ord. 3137, amended, 2017; Ord. 3027, amended, 08/03/2010)