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1. Except as otherwise provided, no person owning or controlling an oversized vehicle shall cause or permit it to be parked within any public right-of-way for longer than 24 consecutive hours.

a. An Oversized vehicle may be legally parked on a public right-of-way in front of or contiguous to the vehicle owner’s dwelling, provided it meets all of the following criteria:

A. Is not parked for more than 72 hours;

B. Does not constitute a hazard to traffic on public streets;

C. Does not restrict vision of motorists on a public street;

D. Does not obstruct view from any other property;

E. Has a currently valid license or registration;

F. Is operable, including adequate tires; and

G. Is attached to a vehicle if required for movement of the oversized vehicle.

b. To comply with the 72 hour time restriction, an oversized vehicle must be moved more than 100 feet from the parked location at which the 72 hour time period has expired.

2. It is unlawful for any person to park or store any personal vehicle on any public right-of-way:

a. For more than 72 hours, and

i. In a manner that results in the accumulation of debris around or under the vehicle or in a condition that prevents it from being driven, including flat tires; or

ii. The personal vehicle is being used primarily as a container for the storage of personal items in or on the vehicle.