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1. It is unlawful to park, store, leave, or permit the parking or storing of an abandoned vehicle upon any public or private property within the City for a period of time in excess of 72 hours, unless the vehicle is (1) completely enclosed within a building; or (2) stored in connection with a lawful business enterprise allowed to store such vehicles outside.

2. If the owner of an abandoned vehicle or the private property owner or lessee responsible for placement, or allowing for or assisting in the placement of the subject vehicle in front of or contiguous to his or her real property fails to remove the vehicle after notice is provided as required in ORS 819.170, then the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee may tow the vehicle and dispose of it in accordance with ORS 819.110(1)(a), 819.110(2)-(5) and ORS 819.120 through ORS 819.280.