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No person shall letter, mark, or paint in any manner letters, marks, or signs on a sidewalk, curb, street, or alley, or post on a parking strip anything designed or intended to prohibit or restrict parking in front of a sidewalk, dwelling house, business house, or in any alley, except in compliance with this Title. Street name signs designating privately owned streets, alleys, or driveways, may only be erected if authorized by the City Council. Location, graphics, color, materials, and height shall be to City standards as approved by the Director of Public Works. The Director of Public Works may allow painting of yellow curbs designating no parking zones at private driveways to standards established by the Director of Public Works. A permit must be obtained from the Department of Public Works prior to installation of said yellow curb. The property owner to whom the permit is issued is responsible for maintaining the yellow curb in good and visible condition. Private marking is a Class I violation. (Ord. 3027, amended, 08/03/2010)