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A. After approval by the State Highway Commission where such approval is required by the motor vehicle laws of Oregon and for the best use of the streets in the public interest, the council may designate by resolution the following traffic controls which shall become effective upon installation of appropriate traffic signs, signals, markings, or other devices:

1. through streets;

2. One-way streets;

3. Truck routes;

4. Streets where trucks, machinery, or other large or heavy vehicles exceeding specified weights shall be prohibited. Such vehicles may, however, be operated on such streets for the purpose of delivering or picking up materials or merchandise, but then only by entering such streets at the intersection nearest the destination of the vehicle and leaving by the shortest route.

B. Except when contrary to state law, if it appears that the public safety or welfare does not require the installation or maintenance of a traffic sign, signal, marking, or other device or will be better served by the removal or alteration thereof, the council by resolution may forbid the installation or order the removal or alteration of any traffic signs, signals, markings, or other device that is proposed or installed under Section 11.12.020. Such traffic controls shall become inoperative or modified only when removed or altered. (Ord. 1557 § 3, amended, 1968)