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1. Ashland’s economic vitality depends significantly on attracting tourists and other visitors who want to recreate in a pedestrian-friendly environment.

2. Ashland is a singular destination for tourists and other visitors in part because many of its public spaces and cultural and commercial attractions are readily accessible on foot via public sidewalks and other walkways.

3. The space available for pedestrians upon Ashland’s pubic sidewalks and certain other walkways typically ranges from 8 to 12 feet in width. Pedestrian entryways to private and public buildings from public sidewalks are typically even narrower.

4. To retain the unique character of Ashland, preserve its status as a tourist attraction, foster commercial and cultural activity, preserve some sidewalk space for street performers, and ensure the safety of residents and visitors, the City has a significant governmental interest in establishing limits on the obstruction of sidewalks and certain other walkways. (Ord. 3128, amended, 2016; Ord. 3075, amended, 10/03/2012; Ord. 3026, amended, 08/03/2010)