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A. An offender’s first and second violation of this section is punishable by an AMC Class IV fine.

B. After the issuance of two (2) camping violations, the third camping violation is a Class C misdemeanor, unless either of the first two (2) violations is overturned by a court of competent jurisdiction.

C. The court shall consider in mitigation of any punishment imposed upon a person convicted of prohibited camping whether or not the person immediately removed the campsite upon being cited. For purpose of this section, removal of the campsite shall include all litter, including but not limited to bottles, cans, garbage, rubbish and items of no apparent value or utility, deposited by the person in and around the campsite. All litter in and around the campsite shall be presumed to be deposited by the person convicted of prohibited camping. Such presumption shall be rebuttable, however. If an offender who has been cited under this chapter can show meaningful engagement with a referred service provider or a similar one before a court hearing regarding the violation of this chapter, the judge may exercise discretion to reduce the criminal charge or waive the fine. (Ord. 3228, amended, 12/19/2023; Ord. 3026, amended, 08/03/2010; Ord. 2972, amended, 11/04/2008)