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A. Prior to removing the campsite, the City shall post a notice, 24-hours in advance. All posted notices shall be in English and Spanish. A City enforcement officer shall not issue a citation for violation of Chapter 10.46 if the citation would be issued within 200 feet of the notice (identified above) and within two hours before or after the notice was posted.

B. At the time that a 24-hour notice is posted, the City shall inform a local agency that delivers social services to homeless individuals where the notice has been posted.

C. The local agency may arrange for outreach workers to visit the campsite where a notice has been posted to assess the need for social service assistance in arranging shelter and other assistance.

D. All personal property shall be given to the police department whether 24-hour notice is required or not. The property shall be stored for a minimum of 60 days during which it will be reasonably available to any individual claiming ownership. Any personal property that remains unclaimed for 60 days may be disposed of consistent with state law and AMC 2.44 for disposition of found, lost, unclaimed or abandoned property, as applicable. For purposes of this paragraph, “personal property” means any item that is reasonably recognizable as belonging to a person and that has apparent utility. Items that have no apparent value or utility or are in an unsanitary or putrescent condition may be immediately discarded. Weapons, drug paraphernalia and items that appear to be either stolen or evidence of a crime shall be given to the police department.

E. The 24-hour notice required under subsection D of this section shall not apply:

1. When there are grounds for law enforcement officials to believe that illegal activities other than camping are occurring.

2. In the event of an exceptional emergency such as possible site contamination by hazardous materials or when there is immediate danger to human life or safety. (Ord. 2972, amended, 11/04/2008)