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A. Except as otherwise provided herein, no person shall camp in or upon any sidewalk, street, alley, lane, public right-of-way, business-front, park, playground, enhanced law enforcement area(s) defined in AMC 10.120.010, or any other publicly owned property or under any bridge or viaduct.

B. The prohibition on camping may be temporarily suspended under the following conditions:

1. A camping exemption due to an emergency in accordance with AMC 2.62;

2. The offender is involuntarily homeless, and a designated space or shelter is unavailable.

C. Regardless of exceptions in subsection B of this section, camping is prohibited under any circumstance in which the act of camping includes existence of a fire or gas stove, or when the campsite exceeds one hundred (100) square feet, or when located on, attached to, or within:

1. Sidewalks, bike paths, and walkways,

2. Lithia Park and parks with child or youth recreational equipment,

3. The enhanced law enforcement area(s) defined in AMC 10.120.010,

4. Two hundred fifty (250) feet of a preschool, kindergarten, elementary or secondary school, or a childcare center licensed, certified or authorized under ORS 329A.250 through 329A.460, ORS 418.205 through 418.970, and OAR 419-410-0010 through OAR 419-490-0170,

5. Two hundred fifty (250) feet of a designated space or shelter;

6. Two hundred fifty (250) feet of freeway entrance or exits;

7. One hundred fifty (150) feet of other campsites;

8. One hundred (100) yards of any river or stream; and

9. Any fence, trees, building, or vehicle.

D. The City Manager has the authority to establish additional administrative rules regarding time, place, and manner regulations as deemed necessary to address particular situations arising from conditions affecting involuntarily homeless individuals, and that are intended to safeguard the safety, health, and welfare of both the general public and those who are involuntarily homeless.

E. Involuntarily homeless persons may use vehicles for shelter in a lawful parking space in the following circumstances:

1. The vehicle must be operational and must be moved at least one thousand (1,000) feet from its original location every twenty-four (24) hours.

2. The parking space cannot be within a one hundred (100) foot radius of any residence.

3. No building or erecting of any structures connecting or attaching to vehicles is permitted, including tents that are not designed and manufactured to be attached to a vehicle.

4. Persons may not accumulate, discard or leave behind garbage, debris, unsanitary hazardous materials, or other items in public rights-of-way, on City property, or on any adjacent public or private property.

5. All animals must be under the keeper’s control or otherwise leashed or crated at all times.

6. Dumping of gray water (i.e., wastewater from baths, sinks, and the like) or black water (i.e., sewage) into any facilities or places not intended for gray water or black water disposal is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to storm drains, which are not intended for disposal of gray water or black water. (Ord. 3228, amended, 12/19/2023; Ord. 3137, amended, 2017; Ord. 3026, amended, 08/03/2010; Ord. 2972, amended, 11/04/2008)