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The following words and phrases whenever used in this chapter shall be construed as defined in this section unless from the context a different meaning is intended.

A. “Fire Chief” means the City of Ashland Fire Chief or the Chief’s representative.

B. “Campfire” means any fire for cooking located outside of a building or recreational vehicle.

C. “Outdoor fire” includes any fire except a fire for cooking.

D. “Person in charge” means a person or a representative or an employee of a person who has lawful control of the site of the fire by ownership, tenancy, official position or other legal relationship.

E. “Ventilation index” means the National Weather Service’s indicator of the relative degree of air circulation in the Rogue Valley.

F. “Noxious weed” means any plant classified by the Oregon State Weed Board that is injurious to public health, agriculture, recreation, wildlife, or any public or private property. (Ord. 2937, amended, 04/03/2007)