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A. Service of a Court’s expulsion order shall be made by personal delivery of a copy of the order to the respondent except in the instance when the Court indicates that the respondent appeared in person before the Court.

B. Whenever an expulsion order, as authorized by AMC 10.125, is served on a respondent, the person serving the order shall immediately deliver to the City attorney a true copy of the affidavit of proof of service, on which it is stated that personal service of the order was made on the respondent, and a copy of the order. If service of the order is not required pursuant to subsection (1) of this section, the Court shall deliver a copy of the order to the APD. Upon receipt of a copy of the order and notice of completion of any required service by a member of a law enforcement agency, the APD shall immediately enter the order into a reliable database, maintained on a daily basis and accessible to APD law enforcement personnel at any time. (Ord. 3066, added, 06/19/2012)