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10.125.010 Citation, Form
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A. Upon the City attorney’s complaint for failure to appear under ORS 133.060 or 133.070, a law enforcement officer shall issue a citation ordering the person to appear in Court within three judicial days or the next regularly scheduled Municipal Court hearing date, whichever is later, and show cause why the Court should not enter a Court’s expulsion order when the officer has probable cause to believe that:

1. The person has intentionally, knowingly or recklessly engaged in repeated failure to appear in Court three (3) or more times within a twelve (12) month period after receiving personal service of summons, citation or release from the jail with an order or agreement for appearance to respond to criminal or code violation citations requiring a court appearance. (Ord. 3066, added, 06/19/2012) (Ord. 3066, 2012.)