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A. Persistent Violation is a Class B Misdemeanor.

B. Unless there is reasonable cause to order otherwise, upon a finding that any offense supporting a conviction for persistent violation occurred within an enhanced law enforcement area, in addition to any other appropriate conditions of probation, the Court shall expel the person from an enhanced law enforcement area defined in AMC 10.120.010.B for a period not less than three (3) months or more than one (1) year, unless the court finds it necessary to:

1. Specifically address the remedy for the violation; and/or

2. Allow the person to travel to and from the person’s place of employment, educational facility, City offices, physical or mental health treatment facility, or other areas that the court deems materially related to the person’s crimes or violations, the needs of the person, or the protection of the public. (Ord. 3066, added, 06/19/2012)