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A. The person is convicted in Ashland Municipal Court for any combination of the following crimes or violations occurring in separate incidents within a six-month period within an enhanced law enforcement area:

1. Three (3) or more Class A, B or C felonies or Class A, B or C misdemeanors;

2. Two (2) Class A, B or C felonies or Class A, B, or C misdemeanors plus one (1) or more violations of the sections set forth below;

3. Three (3) or more violations of any of the following sections or laws:

a. AMC 9.08.110 – Scattering Rubbish;

b. AMC 9.08.170 – Unnecessary Noise;

c. AMC 9.16.010 – Dogs – Control Required;

d. AMC 10.40.030 – Consumption of alcoholic liquors in public places prohibited; or

e. AMC 10.40.040 – Open Containers Prohibited;

f. AMC 9.16.015 – Dog License Required; or

g. ORS 475B.381 – Use of marijuana in public place prohibited.

B. The person knowingly enters an enhanced law enforcement area in violation of a Municipal Court expulsion order as a term of the person’s probation or a court expulsion order pursuant to AMC 10.125.010 et seq. (Ord. 3142, amended, 04/18/2017; Ord. 3113, amended, 2015; Ord. 3066, added, 06/19/2012)